Silly Requests: Architecture Edition

I work in an architectural firm. If you can believe it… sometimes, they let me design spaces real people occupy. However, no one ever lets me put large tiger tapestries in these spaces… mostly because in our contract’s owners provide the furnishings…

But really what can you do about that?

Sometimes, our clients come in and tell us really crazy things they want in projects. We always try to appease them (they are paying for a space, after all) but sometimes they tell us things that really boggle our minds.

That brings us to today’s doodle:

In the real situation: this guy is a higher up who would rather not walk past reception to get to his office… Take that any way you need to. (I think the sour grapes face in my doodle responds quite well to how I assessed the situation, but that is just my opinion.)

What happened was an explanation of why this would not really work, his office for example is nowhere near a corridor (nor could we make a hallway that lead solely to his office.) However, that wicked side of me really wanted to tell him to propel into his space from the roof… but only doodle Lauren gets to experience this as a reality…

I’m going to go draw stuff now.


11 thoughts on “Silly Requests: Architecture Edition

    1. Why do people do this to us? I try to give the clients what they want, but sometimes… it is just ridiculous! It’s also heartbreaking when they start to value engineer out the items you thought made the project special. You just want to pretend that project doesn’t exist in your cannon of work!

  1. I don’t understand why people hire professionals if they think they know it all. I don’t cut my own hair because I’d rather have someone with experience do it. If I did it myself I’d end up with a pseudo-mullet for sure. In your case, people would end up with “mullet buildings”…

  2. I spent a year working in Interiors in commercial and education, it drove me insane so I moved..but the value engineering, and other cost cutting bullshit used to annoy me so much, especially when you would see money being wasting on other crap.

    I was going to say a fireman pole but somebody beat me to it!

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