The Pajama Game

I’m going to make a confession.

It’s been kinds chilly at night so lately I have tried to make sure I go put on pajamas before I go to bed. In true California fashion I usually just tanky top and pajama shorts. But sometimes I have to pull out the real serious stuff…

It’s like having my own personal Christmas every evening.

I feel like I should be more ashamed of this but…. they are just so so comfy.


The sunshine

Okay so I”m totally feeling trapped in my office. And now with our new office setup I am facing a direction with only florescent lighting.

But I mean its only the beginning of the week, and I had an excellent night of dancing last night… so all hope cannot be lost. I can still make today a great day.

So while I waited for my work to print out… I decided to draw this little guy to cheer me up:

You make me happy… when I don’t want to be at work!

I hope he makes you cheery too.


The Rain

Sometimes I find it so hard to be stuck in a place I don’t necessarily want to be in. I think everybody has this feeling. And it’s not that I am literally stuck in the worst place. I am just kind of sitting at a crossroads. I don’t know what I want but I do know that the outcome I want is… happiness.

I am like everyone else in that way. I just want the happy.

Now I can be happy in pretty much every situation, it’s true. It’s really just the perspective I keep to stay sane.

And even the worst days have things to be happy about.

Like yesterday we lost our lunch table and I had to eat lunch alone at my desk. Well I can say that it was cruddy and I didn’t get to see the outside at all yesterday until after 6.

Or I can say I got to draw at my desk for an hour… And that is where this little friend came from:

Dolly Parton is one of my favorite people. She really gets it in a totally awesome way. And by totally awesome way I mean “flashy clothes and big boobs.”

So although everyday may not be the best put up with it, live in it, and enjoy it. Because rain isn’t so bad when you are waiting for your rainbow.

And the best things about today is that it’s sunny, and I got to eat chicken fingers and make Jonathon a birthday card.

And hopefully my rainbow will be here soon. And yours too! I am not stingy with my joy.

Happy Tuesday! I hope it’s really wonderful ♥ (Image Courtesy of: Tumblr and NBC)


Sittin’ on the dock of the bay

One of my favorite songs in all of life is “Sittin’ By the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding.

I say this because although it’s not a catchy dance song, or crafted with recorders and office supplies, it still brings a smile to my face. I used to sing it like crazy when I was a child because… Well, I was really weird. I have since grown up and I’ve done the regular things people do, I grew my hair out longer than that standard bob all little girls had, I have tried to watch Twilight, I have eaten a load of pizza…

But I don’t spend my time on the dock of the bay anymore “wasting time”…

This is why I’m made for the internet…

Party Freaking ON!


Make It Big!

Noel and Liam Gallagher.

The Jackson 5.



All musicians that make beautiful music with their family members. Notice who is not on that list, Christie & Lauren… And for all you jazzy readers out there, that would be me and my sister.

So we may not have the rivalry of Liam and Noel… nor do we have the stage presence of the Jackson 5. Actually we barely know how to play instruments. But that is not the point, it shouldn’t stop our musical dreams.

Christie and I have discussed the possibility of taking our love of WHAM! on the road. And calling ourselves “LADY WHAM! a Wham! Experience”… but we have one very important problem:

Wham! Bam!

Now if my brother wants to be the Andrew Ridgely… We can get this show on the road… but I have a feeling he may not want to… because he doesn’t want to revisit his time with “the mullet”:

But Tony could totally pull this off!
Image Courtesy of: FANPOP!

Anyways, we will probably never resolve this issue… and time can never mend the careless whispers of a Wham! coverband.

Have a wonderful day everybody…. and yes, I would make the better George Michael.


The Isle of Misfit Toys has found it’s Queen

This time of year is a really fabulous time. You get to see the world be a little cheerier.

But it is also a time of plentiful get together’s, parties, meet and greets… and the ever exclusive couples parties (that I attend in my own special unicorn fashion). These parties make me excited to get to see my friends, and pray that they are wearing a Christmas sweater that is enough to make Bill Cosby enviable. I always do something at these events (like fall into a planter, forget everyone’s name) and this helps me remember that I am an awkward goof.

Now being a goof is really great at certain times…. I can lighten up a family shindig. I can can tell an entertaining tale, I can have my friends in stitches (of laughter, I’m not violent). But not every party is just friends, and some parties are mandatory and full of people who rather don’t like you.

This is when I want to climb into my bedazzled cocoon, because no matter what I do these people will talk down to me. The will say cruel and unnecessary comments about my style, lifestyle, weight, and anything that strikes them at the moment. This is the very thing I dread each year about the holiday season.

But this year is different. This year, I really don’t care.

I would be a heart shaped peg if I was a peg… this is an amazing truth!

And the reason I don’t care is that…. I like me. And if you feel the same way about the holiday season… remember there is only ONE you for a reason (unless you are a multiple) and you being around is an awesome thing. So what if the people you have to spend time with don’t think you are that fantastic… somewhere out there other people do. I know I sound like a Hallmark Card, but if you are reading this you are an AWESOME person. Simply, because you are. So go around this holiday season being yourself around not so nice coworkers, or weird uncles, or mean mothers in line to buy toys for their children. So what if they don’t like you… Just like being yourself!
I’m so awkward!
Be wonderful to everyone, especially if they don’t deserve it.


Isabel Stare-a-thon 2012: The Flock

Happy Isabel Stare-a-thon everybody!

I was thinking that the stare-a-thon could use a little more pizzaz. So I dusted the sparkles from my brow and said… “Why not make it a little more musical?”

So today read the following with the sweet beat of the 12 days of Christmas:

On the 8th day of the stare-a-thon I would like to share with thee a Bird staring at Isabel by some trees:

He did 7 hours of staring’

With 6 passing tourists…

5 DAYS IN A ROW!!!!!

With 4 bathroom breaks,

3 parked cars…

2 beatty eyes…

At ONE Isabel holding flowers!

I’m expecting Isabel to be questioning my brain thoughts after reading this. And for everyone who is severely confused by a holiday made to stare at a stranger… I should have a doodle up later today too. And a story, a story about things that can only happen to me.


A Fangsgiving Miracle

I am still trying to hold on to Halloween. Mostly because I’m not a big Thanksgiving fan.

I mean I love having a day dedicated to being thankful. I get to see my family… but I really cannot stand cornucopias.

And I am always afraid their little coned shaped wicker horn is going to show up and provide my day of thankfulness with a serious visual blight.

So I suggest a new jazzy holiday. One that combines the sheer magic of Halloween and the thankfulness of Thanksgiving:

And see you still get all the best parts of the holidays… spooky scary things and food! The best part is that the cornucopia must check itself at the door.

And you can party safely without the fear of that horn of plenty getting in your way.


The Goal

I have very odd selected daily goals, and the weirder they are the joy of completing them is greater.

At work I have many professional goals… you know deadlines and the sort… but I always keep some spare time for a little giggly goal.

And this goal is not really a secret:

Today I read her a exterior canvas catalog in a spicy Marilyn Monroe kind of accent. We both laughed so hard we had to stop… and somehow I ended up shoe-less.

Talk about that you talk-talkers.