The Rain

Sometimes I find it so hard to be stuck in a place I don’t necessarily want to be in. I think everybody has this feeling. And it’s not that I am literally stuck in the worst place. I am just kind of sitting at a crossroads. I don’t know what I want but I do know that the outcome I want is… happiness.

I am like everyone else in that way. I just want the happy.

Now I can be happy in pretty much every situation, it’s true. It’s really just the perspective I keep to stay sane.

And even the worst days have things to be happy about.

Like yesterday we lost our lunch table and I had to eat lunch alone at my desk. Well I can say that it was cruddy and I didn’t get to see the outside at all yesterday until after 6.

Or I can say I got to draw at my desk for an hour… And that is where this little friend came from:

Dolly Parton is one of my favorite people. She really gets it in a totally awesome way. And by totally awesome way I mean “flashy clothes and big boobs.”

So although everyday may not be the best put up with it, live in it, and enjoy it. Because rain isn’t so bad when you are waiting for your rainbow.

And the best things about today is that it’s sunny, and I got to eat chicken fingers and make Jonathon a birthday card.

And hopefully my rainbow will be here soon. And yours too! I am not stingy with my joy.

Happy Tuesday! I hope it’s really wonderful ♥ (Image Courtesy of: Tumblr and NBC)


10 thoughts on “The Rain

  1. It is really the little things sometimes though, no? They can make or break our day.

    Having something you can use as a quick pick-me-up, be it a quote, or some good activity, or even a friendly smile, is what we need then.

    1. It really is the little things.
      In fact, little things are the most important. And I always get giddy when it’s not expected, like being walked to your car or getting an extra fortune cookie… it is the best. And it was the best just re-thinking about that.

      1. It’s so true! I actually just looked around my office and I work with some of the most unappreciative people of little and big things.
        Sometimes I see a flower in the sidewalk and it makes my day. Don’t you feel lucky when you appreciated the silly little stuff? I think we are both very lucky creatures.

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