Work Diary: May 24th

Today has been a busy day at work. Really really busy. It’s a day that will go down in history as “pretty darn busy.” It was also the kind of day that separates professionals from the… not professionals.

And let me be the first to tell you… I’m on the professional side.

Everything now makes so much more sense. The files seem much fuller, the text more encrypted than even before. Pixels more squarer than they have ever been… The codes for LA County crisp, as a magnificent apple in my mind.

If I were like a zany professional teen, I would write this down in my hello kitty diary quicker than anything ever before, but I’m too sophisticated for that… I have the power of doodles:

And everyone take note that it was a CC:’d email, not a BCC:’d email so it was no secret!

♥ & breifcases,

12 thoughts on “Work Diary: May 24th

  1. First off let me say your blog rocks,,as I read the bio about you and your friends I couldn’t help think,,this would be a SITCOM!!
    2nd,,what the heck does, cc’d and bcc’d mean?? (ya i’m old and not so savvy)

    1. Wow, you just made me feel like I’m way more interesting than I probably am! And I would love a sitcom based on my life!

      And I just found out last week what BCC means, so don’t knock your own savvyness! CC: is the second line of sending an email it means you are being sent a “carbon copy” of an email to someone else. And BCC: is like some crazy spy stuff because it means “blind carbon copy” and that is when you are copied on an email to someone else, but it doesn’t show the person receiving that email that you got it too. I have never really used it, but it’s good to know about.

      1. Ohh,ok,,I got it,,,I think my old co-workers did that Bcc’ing on me those pricks! And BBC is super cool,,I love the show Downton Abbey that’s on there :) Have a good long wknd!

      2. Hmm. I don’t really like the idea of BCC it’s like passing notes. And I love the BBC too I’m partial to “Primeval” and Graham Norton! You too have a lovely weekend!

  2. Congratulations on the continued professionalism. Tell me something. Does wearing denim to work make you less professional, more professional, or do you maintain status quo?

    1. The word straight from the professional himself is “Only limit it to Friday’s to maintain casual Friday’s status quo. Otherwise never bring denim into the professional arena, it’s too casual.”

      As a professional in training, I’m in agreement with the guru of professionalism.

      1. Our professional is becoming a real “Jack Donaughy”… he even goes to job sites dressed in slacks and button up shirts. I go in jeans, but that is why I’m just a “training” professional :)

  3. Hey Sis, not to criticize or anything…but why is the year upside-down in your doodle work diary? :)

    And on the issue of denim, I think it has to do with where you are located. Here in Montana, it is prefectly fine to wear denim every day. In fact, others will make fun of you for NOT wearing denim.

    -True Story.

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