The Eternal Sunshine of My Spotless Mind

Some people are happy people. I have a confession… I am one of those happy people.

I know many of you are gasping, because your like… can that really be true? Does that mean all her giggles aren’t lies? Does that mean her sketchbook is really full of kittens and an occasional unicorn? Do you really not sit around all serious like a … professional?

The answer my dear readers is… YES!

And above all, I hope you have gleaned that I’m a huge dork, and unapologetic for it. I realize that most people who had a job that didn’t pay them much, and living with your parents after living without them for 5 years would not be as chipper as me. But sometimes we have to just appreciate it, we may not have all we want but what we have is good. And I’m not talking about settling for what we have (we all know how I feel about settling.)

But sometimes we can wear really pretty shoes, listen to some tunes that totally rock our world (Shout out to the Cure) and just appreciate a nice fall day. And that is what I choose to do today. For some reason I feel that today life is extra beautiful. Maybe it’s because I watched my favorite movie this week, maybe it’s because I’m an “adult” cherishing my new Hello Kitty wallet, maybe it’s because tonight I’m eating chicken. Mostly, it’s because I am in love with how I feel, when I feel optimistic about my future. I hope you find something beautiful today that makes you realize how wonderful the world is:

And if you need a little boost to give you some more happy read this article. Every time I do, I find something instantly to be happy about. Friends, smiling, music and sex… you really cannot go wrong reading it. It will make you want to take the boat of happiness the world sends you and sail about with joy in your heart!



Ahoy there, me Closet!

There are many things that can be said about me. One of those things is I have a very certain style of clothing I am the most comfortable in. Now it’s not sweat pants outfits, or superhero capes or anything of that sort. I am sort of in a serious relationship with dresses. I actually have so many that I could go about a month with never having to wear a pant at all… and since I live in California… basically I live a dream pant-less existence.

Earlier this week my mother told me showed me a dress that looked a bit like a mid-century-modern-sailor. And since that is basically the style I go for, I told my mom she was pretty spot on. I loved it so much I had decided on purchasing it!

And then I realized the next day that I had a problem. I have 3 versions of that very dress and have no real need for that dress at all! As heart breaking as it is it would be silly to have 4 blue nautical inspired color block dresses*… unless of course I was going on a cruise on the love boat, and then everyday I would want to show up on the deck like the most convivial passenger on a boat (which I would be.)

But since I have to work in an office 30 minutes away from the beach… I must suppress my nautical desires. But, I can still have my dreams…

Jolly Hollers,


*I’m pretty much blaming my need for navy blue clothes on my 4 years at Catholic High School. It just goes so well with everything, and makes me feel spiffy. However Nuns, I still refuse to wear white socks…