Settling is for Pioneers

When people tell me their goals, plans, and dreams I get so excited… I root for them in secrecy. I am like a “Bring It On” cheer squad in my imagination for other people. I want to believe that if someone believes in you, you can do anything. And then it happens…somewhere down the road they tell me they are just not going to obtain that goal… so they are just going to file it away in a file cabinet of broken dreams.

There is something about that moment when someone else gives up on a dream that makes me really bummed. I want to shake them, and tell them all sorts of sayings about never giving up on anything you really want. Like Kirsten Dunst, when she tells that girl that the cheer team may not be gymnastics but the glory of cheer-leading is worth it. And because in my small view of the world, I think that giving up on things that could cause you incredible joy is what makes people bitter and sad down the road. And maybe, just maybe you will become a rodeo star, or make that piece of art, or save up the money for that thing you desperately want. If you do… there may be no one happier than me to see you get it.

I’m beginning to understand that this is my problem. Sometimes people evaluate what’s important in their lives and maybe the goal is on a completely different level than where they want to end up. And you know what, that is okay. But what I want to stress, I suppose is to make sure it’s because you that chose to shut that down that dream/goal, and not because someone else in your life is telling you that you can’t/shouldn’t obtain your goals. No one else should make you feel guilty for having dreams. I think I got a little specific there. And I just want to say I’m not really great with motivation (I’m no Kirsten Dunst here), but no one wants to be on the Oregon Trail with minimal oxen and malaria… if you know what I mean.

Keep your dreams alive.

♥ and lollipops,

18 thoughts on “Settling is for Pioneers

  1. I love your thoughts. I feel similarly, and also like you, realized that there are many reasons why people give up on certain dreams – and that it’s okay. As long as we all remember that we can do ANYTHING we want in this life (if we want it), and happiness will come to those who live truthfully and authentically (if they choose it). Great post!

    1. You are always hitting the hammer on the head aren’t you Jen! I feel like you may actually know me too well!!!

      Also I was thinking of making a series of mistake puns :)

  2. I think life wears you down sometimes. People get older, get lazy. Sometimes the dreams were never possible – look at all the people in tv talent shows who believe they can sing, but can’t. Is it fair to make them hold onto their dreams, then watch them become figures of fun? It’s cruel.

    Having said that, dreams are important. I dream of being a published writer. If I ever get off my backside to do something about it, it will be because I really want it.

    And posts like this are vital, too: encouragement is important.

    1. Thank you! You have such a great perspective on it. Sometimes people can’t obtain their dreams. I only hope that maybe my silly words and doodle will help somebody!

      Also I wish you the most sincere luck with your writing, you are gifted at that!
      And… I’ll be (not so) secretly rooting for you :)

  3. Nothing good comes from settling for less than we deserve. Once I settled for a kebab instead if pizza because the pizza place closed early on that particular Sunday. Not only is a kebab a poor substitute for a pizza, it gave me terrible heartburn.
    Seriously though, I get that post like a big shot of antacids to the heart. Love your work. :)

    1. Aww thank you Jen! I am hoping this motivates people to get the Italian meal of their dreams!

      I hope the next time you want pizza, you get it… and I hope that it’s warm and delicious!

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