Happy Birthday to Zach Braff and other issues

Today is Zach Braff’s birthday. I hope he has a one of those super days.

I would usually make this just a short post… but when things come to people like Tina Fey and Zach Braff I feel like elaborating on things because they are people I feel an affinity for.
Zach Braff is a really cute, and pretty funny guy. He also had admitted on several occasions and the entire movie “Garden State” that he suffers from depression. I have always thought that this was incredibly fascinating, and the older I get I realize some of the funniest people are the most susceptible to these kinds of issues.
And I actually use “Garden State” as a reference for that kind of sadness.

Me: How are you?

Other person: I’m ehhh.

Me: Are you feeling like Zach Braff in “Garden State?”

Other person: “For months now.”

Me: “Oh my gosh. Really? Like seriously? I think you should do something about that.”

I actually myself fluctuate to this feeling and sometimes it stays for a while. Right now as Sam tells Largeman, I am in it.

But, its not really because of depression. I don’t precisely think, its because I have come to an age where… I think I know what I want, and have no real way of getting it. Well, complete humiliation is probably going to be the out come. I just hope it doesn’t come to that.

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