You Remind Me of Something w/ Eric

Can I compare thee to a summer’s day?  No, well… Okay, how about some celebrities?

Viciously Sweet brings to you a top 10 list of characters and people that Eric reminds us of. To add to the accuracy of our claims we picked a one word description of each contender and submitted to our voting audience, Eric. And then our voters (Eric) generously took the time to say which of the descriptions were most important to him.

Yonadab and I proudly present these 10 facets of Eric, in High Definition.

10.  Eric is kind of like Jimmy Kimmel. They both have a flair for epicness and both sing songs about Ben Affleck. Also I’m pretty sure neither of them like Matt Damon.

9. Eric is kind of like Tim Taylor from “Home Improvement” if you want a further description of this contact our offices “fixed” or “dead” refrigerator. Or our “unbroken” printer.

8. Eric is like Gabriel Iglesias. He likes to not only make funny haha’s but he also is the #1 fan of fluffyness.

7. Eric is kind of like Neil Patrick Harris. He’s all about musicals, and the ladies. Well NPH is also all about musicals… and well he’s about the ladies on “How I Met Your Mother” which Eric is a total fan of. 

6. Eric really likes musicals. In fact he’s kind of like the entire cast of Beauty and the Beast….

5. Eric is like that comic collector guy from the Simpsons. He’s always and 100% Star Trek, SCI-FI and HD.

4. Eric is a lot like Jack Donaghy. I really thought that this was going to be higher on the list because after all, the man breathes professionalism. He is so PSIC (professional superintendent in command) that everyone wants to CC him on their emails.

3. He’s kind of like that guy from Man Vs. Food. Adam Richman. If he weren’t so excited about technology and professionalism… eating delicious food could be his job.

2. Eric is like Johnny 5 from “Short Circuit”. He’s always about technology and always discussing inputs and outputs. He’s also all about the ladies… remember how Johnny 5 was all about Stefanie’s input??? He’s also so not into dissasemble.

To illustrate I give you this clip:

Are you ready for #1?

1. Eric is exactly like Eric Cartman. Dislike of Hippies, cravings for KFC, feelings about Gingers, and poor people… It’s all right here.

That concludes the list of things Eric is like.

Have a nice rest of your day.


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