Where are you???

I have been busy for the last month.

I am trying to make a business and I actually, which is kind of odd and brave.

And everyday I evaluate whether I am doing well at this or not… and so far, it’s been okay.

I’m making retro art available to decorate homes.

And I have my first art show this very month in Covina, CA.

This is a candy dot mermaid. She is for candy and mermaid enthusiasts.

I have a few drawings to post. But in the last month I have just made 13 variations of these mermaids and about 16 necklaces.

If you want to know anything about them, email me at viciouslysweet08@gmail.com


Cinco de Mayo

Today on this glorious Cinco de Mayo I want to share a simple story.

My new work is amazing and offered delicious churros today. I being a churro enthusiast took full advantage of this. I may be exaggerating but I literally think all I ate was churros today. My coworker said I had the energy and enthusiasm of a chipper squirrel.

I think that is a good thing.

Anyways Happy 5th of May!


Also did you know that it’s Oyster day? I mean while you are throwing back some margaritas and Coronas you might as well throw some oysters your way too!

I’m going to recover from my sugar high now….



sugar high induced second doodle about how I imagine Jimmy Cinco de Mayo’s

Return of the Astrology Kitties

Okay I know I’ve been the worst updating but I’ve been doing artsy things… I promise!

Veronica and I joined forces to make this little number for Threadless:

Please Vote for the kitties!

And we’re super proud of  it. It  would mean ever so much to Vero & me if you could help me out and vote for this!

Take a minute… click on the image or this link here and give us a vote!

♥Lauren & Veronica

Head in the clouds

I definitely feel spaced out.

This time of year always has so much stuff to get done. It’s hard to savor a moment.

And then all my spare time lately has been learning highly specific things about architecture. As someday soon I would like to have my license and be able to sign my name to all the drawings of buildings I feel confident and proud to say that I have worked on.

I have been finding a lot of my nights that don’t involve dancing, or shopping for lovely gifts for my family have been me reading about new types of construction, lateral loads, wind forces, and proper ventilation.

And it’s doing funny things to my brain.

It has several times in the last month made my brain feel overloaded.

Like I can tell you about foundation underpinning, but I forgot which way is left.

Or I can explain to you LEED requirements but I can’t remember what a hoagie is.

“I want one of those long sandwiches… with the meaty goodness  and the cheese. You know what talking about!!!!”

And the saddest thing of all is I can’t even retain silly television trivia.

My brain has temporarily shut down on all things I find interesting.

And has replaced it with buildings and ceilings, and details of stairs.




The Fire Escape

I got this amazing book this week.

It gives me fabulous prompts of things to draw. I really got it for hopes that it will make me a better artist… making me draw things I would never think of drawing.

One of the prompts was a fire escape:

It’s a sweet escape.

I got so excited about drawing such a simple thing that it made me realize that sometimes the suburbs are kind of boring to me.

I miss seeing things like fire escapes on buildings.

Windows high up in the air with flowers.

Cats looking down at you.

Street hot dogs.

Happy Thursday every one… I’m going to get a hand cramp from all my doodling :)


Are you there imagination?

I have been a little out of sorts lately. I think it’s because I need to watch cheesy romantic comedies, and eat ice cream (hello, weekend). I need to embrace the things that make me, the giggly Lauren I am. Instead of avoiding them like I have been doing for the last few weeks. I like being silly and this doodle just illustrates the point (that was a pun):

Have a snazzy weekend! I know I’m going to!

Work Diary: May 24th

Today has been a busy day at work. Really really busy. It’s a day that will go down in history as “pretty darn busy.” It was also the kind of day that separates professionals from the… not professionals.

And let me be the first to tell you… I’m on the professional side.

Everything now makes so much more sense. The files seem much fuller, the text more encrypted than even before. Pixels more squarer than they have ever been… The codes for LA County crisp, as a magnificent apple in my mind.

If I were like a zany professional teen, I would write this down in my hello kitty diary quicker than anything ever before, but I’m too sophisticated for that… I have the power of doodles:

And everyone take note that it was a CC:’d email, not a BCC:’d email so it was no secret!

♥ & breifcases,

That’s What Friends Are For…

Much like a Dionne Warwick jam, it is really great to spend time with your friends. Especially if your friend is Rupert Evert singing “I say a Little Prayer For You”. Oops wrong song reference… and on the note of Rupert Evert, I sent him a friendship bracelet in 1998 and he’s never gotten back to me. He must be so excitedly wearing it that he forgot to send a thank you.

As always I digressed.

But this weekend a conversation happened between me and Christine that just shows you the magic of friendship. And if it were crafted into a 2 hour movie… it would win all the awards.

I present to you today’s doodle:

I imagine the movie based on this doodle starring Kate Winslet and Penelope Cruz, in the roles they were born to play.

However I would like to point out today is Amber’s birthday and she will have a smashing doodle on this page tomorrow. Happy Birthday Am-bear.
I am just too busy with all this work silliness to make a proper doodle today… but oh tomorrow there will be doodles!!!!

Settling is for Pioneers

When people tell me their goals, plans, and dreams I get so excited… I root for them in secrecy. I am like a “Bring It On” cheer squad in my imagination for other people. I want to believe that if someone believes in you, you can do anything. And then it happens…somewhere down the road they tell me they are just not going to obtain that goal… so they are just going to file it away in a file cabinet of broken dreams.

There is something about that moment when someone else gives up on a dream that makes me really bummed. I want to shake them, and tell them all sorts of sayings about never giving up on anything you really want. Like Kirsten Dunst, when she tells that girl that the cheer team may not be gymnastics but the glory of cheer-leading is worth it. And because in my small view of the world, I think that giving up on things that could cause you incredible joy is what makes people bitter and sad down the road. And maybe, just maybe you will become a rodeo star, or make that piece of art, or save up the money for that thing you desperately want. If you do… there may be no one happier than me to see you get it.

I’m beginning to understand that this is my problem. Sometimes people evaluate what’s important in their lives and maybe the goal is on a completely different level than where they want to end up. And you know what, that is okay. But what I want to stress, I suppose is to make sure it’s because you that chose to shut that down that dream/goal, and not because someone else in your life is telling you that you can’t/shouldn’t obtain your goals. No one else should make you feel guilty for having dreams. I think I got a little specific there. And I just want to say I’m not really great with motivation (I’m no Kirsten Dunst here), but no one wants to be on the Oregon Trail with minimal oxen and malaria… if you know what I mean.

Keep your dreams alive.

♥ and lollipops,