Missed Opportunities

I really like plants, they are full of delicious oxygens, and they smell nice too.
But I don’t own plants because I kill them. I’m not like Jack the Ripper of plants… but more like a neglectful parent, I buy them, leave them in the sun and feel all sorts of sad when they die… or the cat eats them.

I actually sometimes see them in stores, and make sure I don’t take them home (because I know their fate) I then hope that someone who can take care of plants will purchase it, and it will grow with green hot intensity at their abode.

Right now I’m suffering from forgetting Arbor day exists. I don’t know why I feel so sad that I forgot Arbor Day happened months ago, but I feel like I could have like planted a tree or something… but now I just feel sadly indifferent.

Also making this post made me remember this song about trees from my childhood:

Dont’ tell the Arbor Day Foundation I’m bad at watering plants! They send that classy robin to sing at me! And then Al Gore will put me on a Nature Watch Enemies list, and then I’ll never get enough carbon credits to get a seat for the Premiere of the Captain Planet movie!


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