I have pressing thoughts…

I’m feeling hyper accomplished because this week I have received like 20 spam comments. That means the internet robots have been loving my site. I mean what is better than that?

I’m really hoping those robots are Conky from Pee Wee’s Playhouse and Johnny 5 of Short Circuit fame… because they are my favorite robots.

Well I digress, this is a doodle that explains what can happen to a Lauren when she is more concerned with her abstract brain thoughts… like her favorite robots. Enjoy:

And seriously, go Conky!


2 thoughts on “I have pressing thoughts…

  1. Done that. Shirts backwards and/or inside out too. Forgotten to wear a bra. Worn two different colored shoes. Thought a brown belt was black. I hate dressing with the lights off when my husband’s still sleeping!

    1. Thanks for the comment, non robot person. There isn’t much worse than having to dress in the dark! I have also gone out wearing two different earrings, and since I’m not a character from an 80’s movie… I know I shouldn’t try to pull it off.

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