Isabel Stare-A-Thon 2011: A Note From the Founder

I don’t get to say that I am the founder of many things. I mean I could say I’m the founder of Southern Canada, but that hasn’t happened yet. I could also say I created KFC,  but yet again that is a lie. And I am super bad at telling the fibs.

What I can say is that 4 years ago I started a little tiny holiday that was supposed to celebrate my friend Isabel. For the following reasons:

1. She’s really awesome

2. She’s is about 120 miles away and its a bit far when you work the 9-5 and school 24/7

3. I like staring at things, and being in architecture school I didn’t get to see my pals for quite a long time.

So when I graduated I set a goal to “see” my friends, and at the same time create a holiday to celebrate her awesomeness.. So I got this brilliant idea to stare…. directly at Isabel, and I much like her truest love Clay Aiken I never want to stop looking at her.

Now we take a month to take in Isabel. And it’s a beautiful thing.

Also I hope everyone who is staring this year is enjoying their periscopes.


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