Some people think I have a lovely blog

I have decided to burst from the gate with this recent turn of events! This bloggy has an award coming its way!

Teri from The Narcissist’s Blog has nominated this little bloggy with a “One Lovely Blog Award,” and since she is so kind to click on and sometimes enjoy this crazy collection of doodles and words. I must thank her also for letting me enjoy all the self-reflection and crazy adventures in her fabulous life! She previously nominated me as a versatile blogger, but I forgot to fill out the stuff because my sister had me fixing up her wedding real nice-like and such. But thank you Teri, you are fabulous!

Also this Lovely Blog Award makes me feel like singing a love song to my blog:

Back to this nomination thingy!

As you all know there are rules to accepting these awards.  The rules for The One Lovely Blog Award are as follows:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you. (See Above paragraph)
  2. Name your nominated blogs 10-15 is the standard number. Then notify them that you have done so. (I am only going to nominate a few peeps, so RULE BREAKER)
  3. Share seven things about yourself. (Below are my facts and a fancy illustration!)

Nominations Ahoy!

  • I would always pick But that’s for another blog because I love nerdy love stories, and CIA cat. Also your blog about twinkies, inspired a serious lunch conversation at my work… because I also work with weird guys who believe in the power of twinkies.
  • My new current favorite funny blog Sips Of Jen and Tonic. You are a visionary, and sometimes I feel like I’m reading things I would write. Also be wary of Dave Coulier, remember what he did to Alanis and that weird chipmunk puppet from Full House.
  • And Ashley Jillian because she is a funny girl in an improv class with the Old Spice Guy. BTW, You’re my favorite XOXO

7 Things About Me!

1. If I could trade closets with anyone I would totally steal Dita Von Teese’s clothes. Because she is always dressed too cute! (Lauren’s Note: not when she’s working… because then she’s not really dressed, but I digress.)

2. I really have been into nail art. This is what my nails are doing this week! Also thanks Amber for getting me these nail stickers for Christmas:

3. Today I received a pink star card and an invitation to “The League of Professionals” at work, because I have more responsibility now! (This was obviously the doing of the most treasured professional in the SGV)

4. My first reaction to reading Teri’s comment was this is awesome… I need to make a doodle of getting an award. I present to you this doodle of the me and the worst acceptance speech ever.

5.  I have 20 toys in my cubicle, this includes 9 kids meal toys, 1 lucky cat, 1 stuffed penguin, 2 beanie baby promotional wilsonart dogs, a ghost, and 6 beautiful gifts!

6.  I really love kitchy things, including this weird sunflower I found in Washington DC:

7. I accidentally stole this pen from the Hyatt last weekend:

I'm a pen stealer!

Now I’m going to continue to doodle. I hope 1 person learned something during this post. I hope that person is also singing that song about being a Super Model from Clueless.


7 thoughts on “Some people think I have a lovely blog

  1. AH! Thanks so much!! To have YOU give me this award me award made me so happy I went around saying “BOOYAH!” to strangers all day.

    I’m a little jealous of your invitation to “The League of Professionals” at work. I’ve only ever gotten an invitation to “stop sexually harassing” everyone.

    So happy to have met you in cyberspace :)

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