Going to the Doctors & Being a Mutant w/ Lauren

Today I have to go to the doctor, and much like everyone in the entire universe… I never want to go to there, because its the worst.

There is nothing wrong with me, and no one to my knowledge is putting me in the nice crazy house, but still I don’t want to go.

It’s mostly because if I am away from my computer, I’m not inclined to sit there staring into my phone in the waiting room. I usually choose to draw or read a tangible book, which in a waiting room makes the eyes glare upon you like you are dressed in medieval costume on a bus crazy. Try it sometime, and you will discover those prying eyes make you  practically a waiting room mutant. Then coyly (socially awkward style in reality) I glance back at them, and even their 3 year old kids are on iphones and tablets… or playing with life size Mr. Belvedere robots… seriously.

But, I digress… I think this whole waiting room conundrum could be fixed if doctors were more fun:

I’m getting ready to go sit and wait.


10 thoughts on “Going to the Doctors & Being a Mutant w/ Lauren

  1. I like to play “guess that disease” with the other waiting room patients. “Next up is Lady in a Blue Blazer. Does her cough indicate: (a) a cold or (b) asthma or (c) she ate too many chicken wings at TGIFriday’s?”

    1. There were a few people I was worried about. I mean, really sweaty heavy set guy did boggle my mind. I like to imagine he ate the spiciest burrito and was suffering some incredible heart burn, the spiciest kind of burn. But he could have had a fever… both cases being highly plausible, I stayed far from him and doodled like the mutant I am.

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