Take A Leap

I don’t know about you. But this leap day has been very good for me. I’m thinking of personally writing a letter to Julius Caesar for taking credit for it’s creation!

You may be covered with a blanket eating crispy toast and saying “Why is your leap year so great?”… Well  friend, let me tell you.

-I got a free cookie at lunch. It made me feel like I won at the Price is Right!

-I finally finished that set of drawings I was working on! I have been working on it so long the lady at the Planning department was so thrilled for me that I could finally submit it!

-I got helped by a very cute guy today while submitting a project I’m Azusa. He seriously looks like a movie star…

-And tonight I get to dress cute and have fun with the fabulous Tangy and her super cool coworkers… And maybe just maybe even see Jon Hamm. What could be better than that?

Yep, give this girl a cookie and the rest of her day will be brilliant!

Take a leap everyone because today is magic!


7 thoughts on “Take A Leap

  1. You got me!! I was covered with a blanket but instead of toast, it was chocolate being shovelled into my mouth!

    And I was thinking why is your leap day so great? Mine was average annie. But I concur…cookies, cuties and finished work! Yes ma’am! :)

      1. I totally did. Lol. Unfortunately your dinner time is my dessert time. But I’m sure I’ve eaten toast for dessert at some stage. Ahhh, the mite. Still makes me smile.

      2. I had completely forgotten that until I saw your Friday post today! It’s still Thursday here, and I thought I was seeing the future. I am easily confused by simple things, sometimes!

    1. I didn’t in fact see Handsome Hamm the world’s handsomest man (he has a long nickname). And I was mildly heartbroken… until I got a crepe, and then everything was better…

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