Professional Quote of the Day: March 14th

Good Afternoon Professional quote enthusiasts! Today I ‘m going to take a break from doodling, and return to quoting the San Gabriel Valley’s most Treasured professional…

I have a feeling the moon is in it’s professional sector, because Professional Eric is on professional overdrive! Checking other people’s voicemail messages, saving the conference call, handling people who are selling us architectural services. Eric is on top of all of that…

And, extra bonus now that he’s into watching “Mad Men”… he’s also into professional fashion:

And a man who wears a Double Windsor, is all aces in Professional Eric’s Rolodex. Actually he doesn’t discriminate against ties, but the are mandatory if you want to get professional with him.

What a nice segway into this old photoshop I made:

Have a Professional Day!

♫Lauren (I think my cold is really affecting my brain…)

7 thoughts on “Professional Quote of the Day: March 14th

  1. Does Erica have any idea how much he has enhanced Professional Jen? Tomorrow when I’m talking to one of my advertising contacts I’m going to say, “You know, you strike me as the type of guy who would wear a double windsor.”

    I imagine Eric would wear a windsor…and a monocle….and a top hat.

    1. He’s going to be so thrilled he has inspired professionalism across the nation! Also, I’m going to have to tell him about getting a monocle and a top hat… I think he’d be be a beacon of Professionalism with those nifty accessories!

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