I’ve been waiting for this moment all my Dorky life!

The following is a true story, and a testament to how dorky I am.

So I was driving a few days ago from work. I’m feeling pretty icky as I am living through cold-a-palooza (the world’s longest cold). I flip through the radio station, and is it? Could it really be? Is it really, Phil Collins?

A lexicon of feelings surge through me…

My inner thoughts scream: Yes! This is so thrilling!

So I crank  my radio as loud as it will play… Like I’m listening to a low-rider jam! And this guy pulls up to me and starts smiling and making flirty faces with me… until:

At first I’m pretty sure he thought it was the older man behind me… but, no it was me. And anyways if he can’t handle Phil Collin’s then he would never be able to handle all the Hall & Oates I listen to.

And I that is how I recently was protected by the power of DORK!


18 thoughts on “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my Dorky life!

      1. Ahhhhh…you dug me out of the spam folder. I have wanted to tell you for weeks how fantastic I think your talent is. But WordPress has classified me as a large can of potted pork parts and sends my comments straight to the spam folder of select blogs. Such is my life in the bloggersphere.

        Your art is magnificent. Your writing style is stunning. Please continue to be you.

        Glad I found you through Lafemmeroar’s blog.

      2. Thank you so much! Maybe the wordpress thinks you’re Hawaiian and just chalk full of spammy goodness!

        Anywho thank you for the comment… it totally made my day!

      3. Good, then my mission is complete. What man does not want to make a gorgeous artist have a made day?

        Ciao Bella Ms. Sweet.

  1. You totally got that song stuck in my head after I read your blog! You know one day you’ll pull up next to a guy and he’ll be in mid air drum solo and you know….that’s the flirty face guy for you.

  2. Phil Collins is awesome and by the way out of all of his stuff this is my fav ;) – I get some funny looks driving along in my rusty ol’ troop carrier belting out all my 80s classics – glad to see im not alone ;D

    1. Nice to know I’m not alone! I’m sure all the people who are looking at you are ashamed that they aren’t rad enough to sing the best songs ever aloud in the streets!

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