By the Power of Grayskull!

I have been discovering lately that people are having the worst and most boring conversations ever conversed around me.

And since I work in a cubicled heaven… I can take a lot of boring. But for this month I have reached my quota of stuff I don’t want to hear about. I had previously made a post about how to engage me in conversation… but now I’m thinking I should print it out and hand it to people who tell me stories I am not interested in!

Things I recently discovered I don’t care about:
-Purple vests… unless they are on Joseph Gordon Levitt, I’m not interested.
-Social events I’m not invited to… seriously, rude!
-Some other boring third thing. I’m sorry, my brain went to sleep because of the boredom I have been suffering through.

On a doodley side note: I wish I really had all these costumes, because everything would be so much more fun… people would be more concerned that there is a grown up woman dressed like a 1980s cartoon character, and they would not feel the need to tell me a 10 minute story about how they think they should MAYBE go to the dentist.

Can somebody tell me one exciting story?!? Or at least buy me candy while they tell me a sucky one?


14 thoughts on “By the Power of Grayskull!

  1. She-Ra was, and still is, my hero. I have an old Halloween costume my mom made me, but I think now it would be more than a little indecent. Thanks for always making me laugh. :)

  2. You guys crack me up! I totally feel the same way. In fact, I’m the girl that reads the last chapter of a book first because I can’t wait for the point. Of course, I’m also the girl that is brutally honest, and have learned that people can’t handle the truth (didn’t Jack Nicholson say that in a movie?) and the result is being exiled from the group. Geez .. The message I’ve received is it’s better to talk behind people’s back rather than be honest with them. BORING

    1. Isn’t that the worst! I feel like I need you around in my real life because I always want to be brutally honest… but then I end up just not doing anything about it! I’m much sassier in my mind.
      And, I can handle the truth.

  3. Oh oh! I have a cool story! Want to hear the story of the girl dropping a hot mozzarella stick in her shirt?

    —If yes:

    I was on a bus, and this girl with a plate with five big mozzarella sticks, and some type of dipping sauce came in and was looking for a seat. Those sticks smelled good, and I’m sure I could hear them sizzling still. Anyway, some guy offered to give up his seat for her, and she agreed.. and as she was trying to sit down, one of the sticks rolled out of the plate and into cleavage territory.

    The whole bus gasped.

    Seconds turned to minutes as the oily mozzarella stick worked its way down into the darkness, mimicking the motion of a poop flushing down a toilet.

    “Ow! Ah, hot hot!” she screamed as she stuck her hand in her shirt, and made the same facial expression as when you finally touch your leg after its been asleep and you get that tingly feeling. After some time, she stood up,the mozzarella stick fell to the ground, the bus then hit a bump, and the girl stepped on it.

    Now imagine some muffled laughter in the background. Yes, that was from me.

    The end.

    —If NO you DON’T want to hear a story:

    Disregard the above text. And I owe you some candy.



    1. That story nearly made me die with laughter… I actually had to be scalded back to life by a mozzarella stick to finish it!
      Thank you so much for telling me that story, I really needed that laugh!

      I will still take the candy though!

  4. You know I’m already a fan of She-Ra! And I knew you’d look great in her headdress and boots! I too feel wearing costumes would make the workplace a much more interesting place. :)

    1. Could you imagine if like the HR guy was dressed like Captain Planet? Or the receptionist like Hello Kitty? That would totally be more fun than regular work days!

      And thanks, I really want that outfit! We both need it for international space/time twin day! I’m positive you would bring so much honor to Greyskull!

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