Work Confessions: The Hive

Today’s post is short and sweet (just like me!)

I go to the bathroom a lot at work. Sometimes it’s because I drink too much water, other times it’s to calm myself from being stressed, sometimes it’s because I have to cry in a private situation… and sometimes:

I can’t be the only person in their mid-twenties thinking about beehives during work hours. Think about how big you could make it… maybe it could hold office supplies… or a switchblade like that girl from La Bamba.

I was briefly worried this doodle would make me sound weird, but we all need a little work relief sometimes… and I know someone who has eaten lunch in the bathroom to escape their office.


8 thoughts on “Work Confessions: The Hive

    1. Ooh boy. I’m still convinced at this point I can turn it around like an Elle Wood’s montage in Legally Blonde. I hope I’m right, other wise I will lose hope in people in general!

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