Sprinkler dreams and Prank Nightmares

Today at lady lunch (a lunch consisting of just Amber and me) I was talking to the waitress. And let’s just be honest, she’s our favorite in the history of ladies who bring us food. So I was telling her it’s been such a long work week. She told me “It’s only Tuesday.” And I responded “still being haunted from last week.”

And boy am I.

I pulled a little tiny harmless baby prank last week, and it did not go over well. I have a certain coworker who is now mad at me because he may have been made the background of our office laptop with a slogan about his *ahem* professionalism, and it may have even been this picture (which makes a stunning background, btw)… and fancy people may have seen it, even though he was supposed to be using it to measure a building… and not showing the computer about to people. *throat clearing sound* I mean was that really that bad? I would have joked the embarrassment away personally… *mmm hmmm*

Well, there isn’t a super lot I can do about that right now… but I can segue into a better subject with the help of my good friend the ellipsis…

…The weather is changing like crazy here, which is also something I have no control over. In California the fall can be incredibly hot, and then incredibly cold. Today is a mildly warm day and because I have been cramped in a cubicle for so long… I have a dream to get home, turn on the sprinklers… and then run like hell through those sprinklers:

And while I dash through that sprinkler I will listen to this song, and not melt the night away:

♫Lauren (the lady version of Jim Halpert)

7 thoughts on “Sprinkler dreams and Prank Nightmares

  1. Is there a California state law that says all women in all recent music videos of this genre must be in bikinis or showing thier tits? (maybe I am getting old). Bring back the 80’s. ;)

      1. I don’t often think about what to write on my buns too often… When I was a teenager I wanted “your name” tattooed on it. I have since decided that wasn’t a good idea.

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