The Pen to my Paper

Sometimes you just know people who make your everyday so much better just for knowing them. I know this may not be true for everyone*… but it is for me! Christine is one of those people, she is like the biggest champion of my endeavors and the best advice giver of all times… basically the wind beneath my wings you know.

She is in a word….. “fanta-stic”

She is so fantastic that pretty much completes me like we exist in that Tom Cruise movie… Last night for example, while meeting up for our Lady Night I showed up with a hunger in my tummy and only a stack of paper. She showed up with presents for me, and only pens.

Then we combined our weapons like we were a part of Voltron and partied for the rest of the evening.

And also because I watch too many movies… telling me she had a plethora of pens in a parking lot reminded me of this:

* My cool pen story footnote: Someone in particular recently told me they have no one in their life that they feel lucky for knowing. Not one person… in their entire time on this planet. I mean I feel really lucky for (and totally am enamored of) the people who just read this blog and leave me a comment every once in a while. I think almost everyone is worth knowing, and so many people are worth appreciating. But this person’s sad story didn’t bring me down, I stopped listening to this person seriously when they told me they think I’m immature because I am so cheery all the time. They can go suck it in Not-Nice-Ville population: 2. The other person in not niceville is described here, they are perfect to spend an eternity together in Not-Nice-Ville…


5 thoughts on “The Pen to my Paper

    1. Yeah. He’s a “just” guy, nothing ever means more to him than face value.
      “It’s just this… it just is… it just happened that way.”
      He takes pity on me. Because he thinks my happiness is childish, and that I can’t handle things as an adult. He doesn’t realize I get how things are and choose not to let the bad things bring me down. How could we exist like that? I know I couldn’t.

  1. “Everyone is worth knowing.”


    I guess I hadn’t been here in a while, I love the new header/banner. I heard Friday I’m in Love by The Cure and it reminded me of you haha.

    Happy Friday!


    1. Oh Edwin!
      It has been a while. Thanks for the visit!
      And yes, everyone is worth knowing! I just wish this belief wasn’t testing me everyday I’m at work! Some of these people are not so nice. The perils of adulthood, I guess.
      I hope you are doing well… and Friday’s I listen to the Cure :)

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