Burning Questions about Cracker Night

Today is Monday and since I live in California there is nothing special happening except I’m working on my new website/store/superpavillion for the most awesome things on the whole internet!

I wonder if I was in England or Australia if today would be more exciting? True story, my mind is effectively not in my office or even in my country at all, but approximately 5600 miles and 7400 miles respectively. And my head is boggled by a holiday supposedly celebrated in these countries, Guy Fawkes Day/Cracker Night.

If anyone can answer any of the following questions I would be eternally grateful.

Do you really celebrate it?

Do you really call it Cracker night?

Do you wear fancy clothes or V for Vendetta masks around town?

Do you eat crackers (the baked good) while watching firecrackers?

Do you really burn things in effigy?

I know I could google my answers… But  I’m kind of against google searching right now, as I think it is too easy of an out to not think things through or really investigate an answer. I’m far too guilty of googling things I want to know but don’t want to think about, and I’m putting a stop to it. So if you are out there and can help my brain thoughts… please give me a shout out. I’m just an girl in the world… who really wants to know the truth about Guy Fawkes day.



9 thoughts on “Burning Questions about Cracker Night

  1. If you were in Australia my lovely, you would be experiencing the Melbourne Cup – the race that stops the nation. A fabulous horse race attended by glamorous people in glamorous hats. Lots of American celebs seem to be attending this year.

    As to Guy Fawlkes night, hells yes they celebrate it in England. I lived there for a few years and cracker (fire not biscuit) are exploded whilst life size replicas of Mr Fawlkes sit outside homes.

    Unfortunately fire crackers or fireworks are banned in Australia :(

    1. Oh my, I love fancy hats! Sometimes I think that I should live in another country where hats are a part of being fancy!

      I’m also sad to hear about fireworks and Australia, they always show them at New Years, like you do them all the time. And I cannot believe the television would lie to me and let me think you have glamorous fireworks parties, while you are decked out in fancy hats! Also, congratulations on having a birthday on Guy Fawkes day… this only makes you cooler than before, and you were already ice cold! Happy Birthday Jen!
      ♥ ME

  2. Um, I heard there was an earthquake there today! As a former Californian, I know how uneventful those things are, but still! It’s something!

    I wish we had cool holidays like Guy Fawkes day.

    1. I didn’t experience any earthquake today. I am very lucky. There were a few serious fires around here though. It’s a fiery time over here.

      And I second a desire for Guy Fawkes Day. Think about how fun it could be. American’s love to burn things, and I would get to wear that mask!

  3. I’m offended. Cracker Night sounds like an ethnic slur against my people. (Kidding, but I’ve never heard of it.)

    1. Hehehe. Well if you visit this site, you will get to see a lot of holidays you have no idea about. I like to look them up and celebrate a few really awesome ones during the month! Button Appreciation Day is the 16th… keep your calender clear :)

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