At least there will be cake

Tomorrow is my birthday and I did not make the deadline in my Blergsday miracle.

I have to show up and work… like a grown up. Instead of staying home and chillaxing in my jammy jams until I hit the town with Christine.

At least there will be cake!

It is okay. I have been promised cake, and everyone likes promises that are made with frosting.

Make me sweet sweet promises

So it’s all really good news if you think about it!


12 thoughts on “At least there will be cake

  1. What!? My birthday’s Saturday! Yay! I hope you enjoy your day like no other. Wear that tiara butt naked riding a unicorn through the enchanted forest. Happy Birthday Lauren!

    1. I since got a home made cake, an extra slice of chocolate cake, and a pie. People know I’m into desert. And thanks for birthday greetings on all internet platforms. You are amazing!!!

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