Birthday Season!

Where did February go?

I think I lost it somewhere between the extensive visits to FED EX Kinkos, the emergency room, trying to find my black eyeliner (which there seems to be a shortage of) and trying to figure out what projects that I’ve worked on in the last 10 years that best describes me.

And doing it all with a cat attached to me.


Well enough of that.

February has also been wonderful.

I must say that now that my family has expanded there are a lot of birthday’s in February… and I have not posted about them, because I literally just got out of line at Kinkos.

But today’s birthday is one I have to share… because it’s my sister’s birthday! (technically sister in-law, but she feels like a regular ole’ sister!)

And though she is states away I want her to know that she is the best…. that is why she gets a present and a doodle!

It’s Season’s day and she’s the best!

Happy Birthday Season! I hope that your day is lovely and that your birthday week with Tony home is wonderful.

Love, ♥, love to everyone,


2 thoughts on “Birthday Season!

  1. Best. Sis-in-law. Ever! Thanks babe! Love and miss you too!! So happy to have some amazing sisters in my life, finally! This only child gig was the pits! hahaha. Love you!!

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