Spiders in your cubicle and much more

So how dumb should I feel that I have worked full-time in this office for almost 3 years and still cannot transfer the phone correctly?
Yeah… I’m not feeling super bright today.
Also the phone situation, completely embarrassing.

On to today’s doodle and then we will talk about why I am glad I am me.

Today I have seen like 3 spiders making settlements in the office. It’s not like we don’t dust (every once in a while.) But seriously why are the spiders around here playing roller coaster tycoon in the office???:

Woomp there’s another one.

Okay and now on to my Liz Lemon moment. I would like to thank that guy from the mall and the lady from Subway who told me I looked like Wonder Woman. You unlike the weirdo who followed me to my car, made me feel like I can be Marcia for once instead of Jan.
I am really tired of girls who only try to get by on their looks… I mean seriously they are going to fade, you should try to be just a little smart. Even if it’s only like 2 subjects. Like for example: Latvian folk music, and Jack Nicholson movies.
More people will be interested in you… I PROMISE.
And looks are like in the eye of the beholder and some junk.. because I know some cute guys with some ugly girlfriends and vice versa.

My friends are kind of wonderful in the fact that they are both smart and beautiful. They have gone to school, received great educations, (know where Libya is), and they don’t throw themselves all over and under men who have no interest in them. Thank you for keeping it classy girls.
Did you know, Christine thinks I’m pretty :)
And I think she’s super delicious, in a totally happening way!
And don’t worry I don’t rely on my looks (just in case you think I have it all happening in a good way)… I rely on my ability to do spot on impersonations of B-List Celebrities.


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