Hark, my apathy approaches!

I have been feeling a bit on the apathetic side as of late, and I apologize to anyone I may offend by not especially caring about things…
Don’t worry it’s not just specifically to you. I really like you, I’m just in a funk.
I am in a I’m-stuck-in-the-quietest-office-ever-and-I-have-been-studying-wood-sizing-funk, for the last week… and I think today I have reached the point in my apathetic existence where either 2 things could happen:

1. I could stay like this forever and practically become a character from “Daria”.

2. I can try to be a positive acting 20-something and try to make more excitement by trying new ventures.

I’m going to try for the latter of the 2. I am going to make my doodles into a thing. Yes, purses, a real website… It’s going to be awesome.
I’m working on a whole bunch of prints to make into some really cool stuff… like pillows, and purses, ponchos and things that don’t start with p’s too!

And of course I’m going to keep studying for the ARE’s even though they hate me.


2 thoughts on “Hark, my apathy approaches!

  1. I just wanted to let you know that David still wears the Pork + Beans shirt that you designed and it’s all faded but he still wears it. In fact he wore it last weekend when we went to the SD fair and he got two compliments while he was there :) haha. I’m sure your new business will be very successful

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