Congratulations Everyone! It’s Jimmy’s Birthday

Today I measured a warehouse with the most professional of measuring buddies. And I told him today’s most precious news.

It’s my friend Jimmy’s birthday.

Yes, magical Jimmy! I call him this because not  many people in the world would let you incessantly take pictures of them for 5 years straight, and rarely complain… well sometimes he did, but I took pictures anyway.

Basically, I've been capturing all the exciting moments since 2003

Well today Jimmy turns 27. Which makes me realize several things:

-I’ve known Jimmy for 9 years this August, and I have no ideas where the years have gone.

-I wish he’d become an Abraham Lincoln Impersonator… because he is tall, skinny and has brown hair (in my mind that makes you Abraham Lincoln)

-When are we going to go rummage through more thanksgiving postcards?

-I wonder if you are going to watch Carrie to celebrate your birthday, because if so I’m in.

-Will young James ever become a professional clog dancer? Or ever take a clogging class (I’m betting no)

-I wish that you would sing karaoke versions of Dolly Parton songs with me I would like to sing 9 to 5, thanks.

-Will you ever become the Where’s Waldo of Santa Barbara?


Okay I know that those are really strange observations… but I reserve only the best for Jimmy. And’ here’s the corresponding doodle:


p.s. If you like any of the things mentioned in this blog… like Waldo, Santa Barbara, Thanksgiving Postcards, Halloween movies and being weird… you should totally find Jimmy he likes those kinds of things


Happy Birthday Jimmy!


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