Professional Quote of the Day: April 5th

Hello There Professional Quote Enthusiasts!
The time has come to stack up our files, briefly defragment our hard drives and listen to the pearls of professional wisdom only Professional Eric could share.

Today at work there was a discussion about our company and it’s professional standing. Which by the way, our company is practically an architectural Yeti… no one know about us, and we have fabulous hair. As anyone could imagine, Eric was all over this conversation… because he likes to get down with verbal professionalism.

There was talk about newer products we could use, ideas of being more efficient, social media,a guy dressed like a small historic building waving a sign in the streets… And then Eric said the following statement that changed the office as we know it, and propelled him into Jack Donaghy professional territory:

He informed our boss man that has an office revitalization plan under glass at his desk… So, basically he’s going to change our little office into the 6 million dollar man, or into a car microwave… Either would be good.

We have the technology! We can make it better than it was before! Better, stronger, faster.


6 thoughts on “Professional Quote of the Day: April 5th

  1. Other things overheard in Eric’s cubicle:

    “These papers have one staple, but they could use more staples.”

    “This conference call has 5 attendees, but I think it could have more attendees.”

    “This sandwich has mayo on it, but it could use more mayo.”

    Eric, we love you!

      1. In all seriousness, these quotes of his are my FAVORITE. Do you have any openings at your firm? Between you, me and Eric we could fill the internet with memes ;)

      2. I wish we did! How much fun would that be… Quotes and Photoshop everywhere! The printers would be alive with the sound of professionalism!
        I actually have a word file with hilarious things that he says out of context that I save for the PQOTD.
        I will share this one with you right now:
        “Well it’s not intuitive… because apple has all the patents on that.”
        And for some reason when paired with that photo… it’s the best thing ever!

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