Missfit VS the Boys Club

I am a little weird. I am 26, I like to listen to Phil Collins at work, I am pop culture obsessed, I can talk in song titles (shout out to Jen & Tonic), and I have a cubicle that can rival the childishness of any Pixar employee. Problem is I don’t work for Pixar. I work in the “real world” and the “real world” is not like that Matchbox 20 music video with the same name.

The real world is kind of serious, and also has stupid social rules. Like no limbo-ing during the 9-5. Or actually maybe just my office. It’s such a boys club up in this office that it’s very obvious that sometimes me and the Amber just don’t really get what’s happening.

I think our new sashes demonstrate this:

I think there is nothing we can do except create an X-Men like community… I’m going to say I want to be Jubilee she gets a yellow jacket.
♥ and Lollipops,

10 thoughts on “Missfit VS the Boys Club

  1. Allllllllll the time my dear trans-atlantic, time travelling twin. OR….is it us that really have it figured out and the rest of them just don’t belong? I prefer to think of it like that. Keep that limbo fever alive!!!

    1. Oh Jen, you have the best insights! I do so much enjoy being silly and mischievous! Hopefully I can get someone around here to come over to the ‘silly side’.

      1. Mwahahahaheeeeeeee (that’s an evil laugh mixed with silly). I agree, life is serious enough. Why make it more serious? I say more colour, more laughter, more ridiculous behaviour….just because! (And if people resist, we have unlimited supplies of woopie cushions).

      2. That laugh is very “Jokeresque,” but I love it.
        And I totally agree on having as much fun as possible, because if we didn’t have fun life would be a real drag! After reading your comment, I’m thinking of investing in a joy buzzer… :)

  2. Come work here – my office is somewhat like Pixar…there’s even a slide! And we had a water gun fight last year (yes, near the computers and electricity).

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