I regret nothing!

Right now I’m sitting in my cubicle. I kind of have to go to the bathroom. I was just kind of thinking about my recent greatest hits and decided to share some of my silliness with the good people of the internet:

-Yesterday, I sat on the floor with Nancy talking about shapes (for a design competition). It made me feel like a small child, and a grown up all at once. Inverted Rhombuses for life!

-I saw, encountered and very recently blocked a man’s phone number who looked precariously like Zach Efron. He was in fact so handsome I didn’t trust him when I met him… but, then I learned a little more about him and trust him even less. And yes people I discussed this with, he is as shallow as I imagined his pretty face to be.

-I went to a birthday party for one of my friends parents (who I have only known for about a year and a half) and in a room full of his friends and family, I won the trivia contest about his life.

-I got asked for my phone number while in a hospital gown…

-I didn’t eat a pizookie… which for international readers is a very large cookie that is made in a pizza tin. But I wanted to and plan on doing so very soon.

-I got in an argument with a Rooster. I decided to write a song about him in the Key of “Rock Lobster” from the B-52’s, it will be called “Rude Rooster.” As you can glean, he was not a gentleman.

-Some stranger on the internet called me “hot face” which only makes me think that I may have a fever or something.

– I got a free tote bag for buying a frozen drink, and I felt like a winner. I also have already used that tote bag at the beach, aka the only place tote bags want to be.

-I met a bird whose name was “Bird Lancaster,” I laughed with reckless abandon. And I wondered if he was the “Birdman from Alcatraz”… which is a Burt Lancaster joke ;)

And I have come to this conclusion:

Here’s to another odd and fabulous week!

♥ and lollipops,

8 thoughts on “I regret nothing!

  1. Too awesome :) I was thinking about the comment you left on my blog a while back about us having the same “mind thoughts” sometimes and it’s true! I think about that when I read your posts hahaha

    And I don’t think I’ve met a nice rooster, ever. Quick question.. is “chicken”, the food, hens AND roosters or just hens?


    1. That is too awesome. Specifically about that baby post of yours I was talking about that, that very day! And also if we have similar thoughts you must be typing to the beat of rock lobster!

      And from what I learned this weekend “chicken” food is both. My uncle can’t wait to eat that rooster… he is unpleasant.

      1. Weeeeeiiird..so is it the same with beef? Like I’ve eaten cows and bulls? Whoa. I’m not sure why that’s so strange but .. whoa! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

        And hey that’s cool! Ugly babies –haha! its funny I feel the same way about lying, and if I have nothing nice to say I’ll state a random fact.

        “Yup, that sure is a baby!” TOTALLY something I’d say..

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