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Drawing Challenge Day 20

21 Feb

Draw  a new superhero!

I for some reason couldn’t get this one together…

so here is my super chicken:

And his power is to be yummy!



Something to talk about

5 Nov

Sometimes I wonder about the things that wander through my brain. I mean don’t you ever wonder what your mind thinks about the most???

Is it friends? Family? Work? Spongebob Squarepants?

And then I realized I don’t need to record my words or discuss this with a professional. This blog is basically my brain, but illustrated.

So I went to wordle and made a word cluster. And because I’m a constant daydreamer I was not surprised with the results:

chicken, happiness, jewelry and cleanliness is basically all my mind thinks about…. and for some reason also Luxembourg.

The result clearly shows my mind is that of a Valley girl who thinks about chicken, the weekends and Luxembourg.

Now I’m practically convinced that I am what would happen if Morrissey and Cher from Clueless had a child.

What do you think about most?


Doodler’s Anonymous

30 Oct

So the Professional moratorium on my mischief has not been successful. Telling me that I have to be good is like asking me to be bad. And it’s totally my own fault, I give into the temptation of me.

So anyways as certainly as my cubicle neighbor has a Gangnam problem, I have a problem with the good old paper and pen. I just realized I have nearly filled my 2012 doodle sketchbook. that is 176 pages front and back… and 1-4 doodles per page side. I only have 7 pages left, and the front inner cover and back cover are already filled.

Hi I’m Lauren, and I have a doodling problem:

I would get help… but I’d rather just draw about it


Friday I’m a chicken… in love

28 Sep

I don’t care if Monday’s blue…

Today I am so happy, I have to make a post. But I’m not exactly in the best position to be scanning doodles because I am making a set of drawings for work… it’s so hard to be an adult on a FRIDAY!

So to get to the meaty part of the post. I will say this doodle was inspired by several things… talking about drawing a Rooster in love with my wonderful sister-in-law, Season. And also by the department stores telling me that I should already be Christmassing (what is up with that?)

Any who, lets get to the first wintery chicken of 2012:

And a special request… if anyone out there does encounter snow.. can you make me a snow chicken?

Oh, and have a nice weekend… I’m going to!


The Fantasy Typewriter!

12 Sep

I’m still a little quiet today, but I feel more in a giggly place.

I am thinking of attributing it to the following:

♥ I am wearing my favorite skirt… a leopard pencil skirt to be exact

♥ I ate some delicious chicken for lunch

♥ I have been drawing wedding sheep, I was asked to make a few drawings for an upcoming wedding! It makes me feel like I’m coming up in the world with my drawings

♥ I saw “Bachelorette” the movie with Amber last night… and I loved it. I loved it so much that I want to do the robot while listening to the Proclaimers…. all. day. long.

♥ Cakes McCain of Pasta for One, sent me a bleak/cheery? song today that reminded me that my future is bright so bright I have to wear shades… so I strapped on a pair:

This is actually a lie, because this photo was not from today… and I cropped people out of it :) But I’m wearing shades for my bright future!

But today several of my jollies came from the fact my co-worker… the Exceptional Dab keeps mentioning that my typing sounds like I’m killing my computer. Or as he calls it “an angry typer”. Sadly, when I listened to myself type I had to agree with him… But I don’t always type this way because I’m sending people angry emails sometimes I just get so excited about words!. So this brought me to a doodle-y conclusion:

For the rest of the day I’m going to talk like Rosalind Russell from “His girl Friday”… I’m a hundred miles a minute, and witty to boot.

Soooo ya see, I’m gonna break this computer. And when I do, I’ll call that knucklehead professional IT guy to make all it’s problems go away. (And I said that it 2 seconds.)


Are you there imagination?

29 Jun

I have been a little out of sorts lately. I think it’s because I need to watch cheesy romantic comedies, and eat ice cream (hello, weekend). I need to embrace the things that make me, the giggly Lauren I am. Instead of avoiding them like I have been doing for the last few weeks. I like being silly and this doodle just illustrates the point (that was a pun):

Have a snazzy weekend! I know I’m going to!

I regret nothing!

21 May

Right now I’m sitting in my cubicle. I kind of have to go to the bathroom. I was just kind of thinking about my recent greatest hits and decided to share some of my silliness with the good people of the internet:

-Yesterday, I sat on the floor with Nancy talking about shapes (for a design competition). It made me feel like a small child, and a grown up all at once. Inverted Rhombuses for life!

-I saw, encountered and very recently blocked a man’s phone number who looked precariously like Zach Efron. He was in fact so handsome I didn’t trust him when I met him… but, then I learned a little more about him and trust him even less. And yes people I discussed this with, he is as shallow as I imagined his pretty face to be.

-I went to a birthday party for one of my friends parents (who I have only known for about a year and a half) and in a room full of his friends and family, I won the trivia contest about his life.

-I got asked for my phone number while in a hospital gown…

-I didn’t eat a pizookie… which for international readers is a very large cookie that is made in a pizza tin. But I wanted to and plan on doing so very soon.

-I got in an argument with a Rooster. I decided to write a song about him in the Key of “Rock Lobster” from the B-52’s, it will be called “Rude Rooster.” As you can glean, he was not a gentleman.

-Some stranger on the internet called me “hot face” which only makes me think that I may have a fever or something.

– I got a free tote bag for buying a frozen drink, and I felt like a winner. I also have already used that tote bag at the beach, aka the only place tote bags want to be.

-I met a bird whose name was “Bird Lancaster,” I laughed with reckless abandon. And I wondered if he was the “Birdman from Alcatraz”… which is a Burt Lancaster joke ;)

And I have come to this conclusion:

Here’s to another odd and fabulous week!

♥ and lollipops,