The Legend of El Tejon

Jolly Hollers Internet!
I have fallen off the scan-your-doodle wagon. I have a bunch of doodles I really just need to get on their way. I think this one is one of the most culturally important doodles because it shows a turning point in history.

Me, the worst Spanish speaker in recent history, besides my sister. Actually knew something in Spanish my coworker the Dab had no idea about it. (And Dab is the Spanish Master.)

So mark it in the records 6-4-12, was the day I knew more Spanish than… the Dab.

I will celebrate it every year. With joy and fervor. I will commemorate it with one pristine churro. I however do acknowledge that this doesn’t compare with me thinking ghost in Spanish was “El boo Hoo Hoo”.

Let’s go get a churro! Yeah Yeah YEAH!

9 thoughts on “The Legend of El Tejon

  1. Coming from someone who knows less Spanish than both of you…meaning me and that I don’t know any, what is El Tejon? I’m thinking its either a hybrid pear or a teflon coated frying pan.

  2. I always used to get churro mixed up with churitzo. Imagine my horror of receiving a spicey sausage when I was really in the mood for a sweet confection! Also, having churro and churitzo mixed up is disgusting!

    1. I am so sorry. I have never heard of that happening. I don’t think anything could have made me sadder if I was expecting a sweet luscious churro and got a spicy tubed meat instead. I hope you haven’t made that chilling mistake again :)

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