A Lack of Inspiration

I work in a very interesting office.
The people I work with would make great characters if anyone decided to write about them. (Which I sometimes do!) We all seem to be complex creatures, and more than a little out there. But lately, there has been a lot more work and a lot less fun…

Yeah, yeah I have more project responsibility, but quite frankly I’m not an architectural Spiderman.

And then to make it worse, everything has been so quiet in here that I feel my office mates may have been replaced with scarecrow versions of themselves. Just propped up to the computer with an occasional mouse clicking sound being emitted from them.

I cannot exist happily in an environment like this… it makes me very sad and makes me lack any sort of inspiration. Which is a total bummer when you are making spaces for people to work in, I feel like they suffer secondhand depression spaces to work in because, of this lackluster environment I am stuck in. And then I looked around my actual office and realized the actual windowless cubicle I work in is not helping my office depression either, I hardly ever see outside during actual sunny hours. I remember it being very lovely:

Now I’m not completely dissing my office. It is in a great location… once you get outside. And by that I mean, it’s next to a bar. And my boss is wonderful and I work with a couple of really great people. But really, the walls that block the vision from the windows seems like a cruel joke. The fact I am the only person that doesn’t have a window… is a crueler joke. Why did the person who drew up this building hate people so much, why not make sitelines so I can see the beautiful mountains just outside the building? Why did you set the lobby on the most blinding side of the building? Why has no one ever replaced the pink marble tiles that have cracks big enough to get your heels stuck in? Why is everything outside of our rented space mauve and brown?

It’s not like I need the circus at work.. I just need a little more joy.


7 thoughts on “A Lack of Inspiration

  1. I’d really hate to be couped up like a factory chicken. My dad used to work in an office and it drained the energy out of him. When you finish work do you go running around like a lunatic? That’s what I’d do.

    1. I actually do! I drive home blasting my silly tunes, singing to it without any thought of how crazy I look. Then I run around in the last remaining flickers of sun… and then I draw what I want for a while!

    1. I actually have made myself a little fake sky with clouds and birds on it!

      I think the real sad thing is I’m the person with the most spirit in this office! And they all have real windows!

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