You are worth every penny!

Today was a very interesting day. I fell back into an old pattern. A pattern that made everyone feel at ease… except me.

This is because I have changed. And I want better. Now for a moment, in the moment when things were how they used to be my inner young Pam Beesly was thrilled. (My inner Pam Beesly is also thrilled with candy on a desk so we try not to listen to her.) However, the more confident New Lauren/Pam Beesly that I have become stepped in and said. “NO”.

 I say this because my friends have been telling me forever that I am better than my nonsense. And it took years to realize that I actually am. I am better! And all the nonsense in your everyday life… you are better than it too. If you don’t believe me ask this guy right here:


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