Friday I’m a chicken… in love

I don’t care if Monday’s blue…

Today I am so happy, I have to make a post. But I’m not exactly in the best position to be scanning doodles because I am making a set of drawings for work… it’s so hard to be an adult on a FRIDAY!

So to get to the meaty part of the post. I will say this doodle was inspired by several things… talking about drawing a Rooster in love with my wonderful sister-in-law, Season. And also by the department stores telling me that I should already be Christmassing (what is up with that?)

Any who, lets get to the first wintery chicken of 2012:

And a special request… if anyone out there does encounter snow.. can you make me a snow chicken?

Oh, and have a nice weekend… I’m going to!


6 thoughts on “Friday I’m a chicken… in love

  1. Alright, I absolutely have to ask, because I have only in my life ever know, or even heard of one woman named Season, and really it is quite an unusual name. Is your brother’s name Andy? And have you a sweet little nephew named Mo? And do they happen to live in Colorado (with a couple more kids)? The curiosity is killing me here!

    Love the chicken!

    1. Sorry to keep your curiosities burning RT!
      But it looks like we have different Season’s! My brother is named Tony and they are Montana based… but it is cool to know there are more Season’s out there!

  2. There are a few of us out there! I just met a woman this morning at the coffee shop who had a friend named Season and when she was pregnant with her daughter, Autumn, her friend made her a shirt that said “Autumn is in Season”….I thought it was clever! :)

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