I got carried away…

I find myself prone to flights of fancy more than others. I don’t know if it’s a problem, but it happens every once in a while.

You look at me, and you realize I’m currently not totally there.

We were just having a striking conversation and I was just talking about Sandy’s shoes from ‘Grease’. Or how adorable Paul Rudd is and then… BANG it happens. I’m gone. Where am I???  I’m not exactly sure, but it is the place that all the doodles I draw live at. It’s a really great place, I actually highly suggest everyone should go there. But since you probably cannot I’m going to kind of give you a quick tour.

So picture it, I’m sitting right next to you… Someone interrupts and starts talking about tree triming…

And then I get really quiet… You look at me, and I don’t respond. Where in the world is my brain? My mind has made a daring escape to avoid all the boring you are now listening to. I may even be at the circus eating kettle corn and staring at the sparkly outfits of the trapeze artists. Just wishing I was flying through the air with the greatest of ease:

*smile, blink… continue to stare into space*

Then it shoots into space lands smack! I’m on the moon. I’m looking at the stars from here and boy do they look different. Is that a Jack in the Box all the way down there on earth? ***Checks breifly back into reality***

Are you engaging in this conversation about tree trimming? I have now reached a new level of not paying attention… is there any chicken on the moon?:


And basically if you are still in that conversation I’m ignoring…. let’s chart a submarine and splash into the briny deep. Yep there are fishes down here? I wonder if I could make a space helmet for a merchicken?

*Stares to the left of you*

I’m going to say my lack of attention for really boring things is not my fault… well maybe it is. I just have so many thoughts they all just jumble around until…

*fiddles with paper*

Oh my cats are just so fluffy. But we must return from my brain trip before I am committed. How long have I been gone? Oh, how did we get on the subject of politics? Wait, what? You are going to have to backtrack a little bit for me…

I’m so sorry I just got carried away with my brain thoughts

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd that is what happens to my brain at least once a day.


11 thoughts on “I got carried away…

    1. I’m so sorry… I really wasn’t paying attention!
      Um due to the fact it was about 20 minutes… I can assume somewhere out there some trees are going down big time. Hopefully they belong to the person and aren’t just somebody strangers trees.

      I think I just made this story about 120% more exciting with that twist.

  1. Years ago in the happier olden days when people noticed us phasing out – I think we were called ‘daydreamers’ … ( ‘selective daydreamers’ more like). Like it’s a bad thing.
    I was thinking of you today when I saw all these fun, and happy projects…
    Makes you want to have craft parties with your GFs and eat cupcakes – a la Jenna Rink!!! ;)

    1. Oooh. Nice Link! I really want to do that!
      Okay, on a slightly different note… today I was totally thinking about you, and how I should doodle you.
      (That doesn’t sound inappropriate does it?)
      Anyways its nearly done and I’m really excited.

    1. Oh Hook,
      You make me blush!
      Also all your kind words are the best thing to read when I’m doing my actual work. There is very little creativity in drawing down spouts on dormitories.

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