An Ode to Christine on her 28th birthday

Today is actually one of my favorite days.

No, not because of Good Friday’s meatless promises.

But because it’s my bff’s for life’s birthdays! And as always I would like to share a little tale about one of the best people I know. I am a very lucky girl to have met Christine in the freshest moments of the new century. She had an impressive vocabulary for a teenager, and at the same time she had the most unintentional orange hair I have ever seen. In fact at the moment we started giggling I knew that I had met someone of significance. And 13 years later we are still gigglier than ever. Now we don’t pass notes in class, but we pass texts during work. And we still play the same word games that tickled our fancy in our teenage years. We may have jobs, family issues, and bills to pay. But when we are together we can be as silly and girly as our hearts desire.

Happy Birthday Christine! You are the best co-conspirator a girl could ask for.

FUN FACT: The 28th birthday is the pirate birthday!

Have the best year ever, Christine. And Happy Christine & Isabel’s birthday.


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