Amber Protocol: Tri-folds and Tribulations

We all have our protocol quirks in my office.

-Proper phone etiquette is a biggie. (I always tell people to have a nice day when I say my professional tidings.)

-Being more streamlined. (this is all the Professional.)

-Getting our deadlines done. (I think most people want this.)

-Not having a break-room full of ants (sane people.)

-Refilling the water for the Keurig (People who don’t want the world to end. My boss wants coffee.)

-Getting prints at a good quality (the printer is my nemesis )

-Using the tri-pod to take project photos (Ahem, Professional)

-Not having enough bullet points (it seems like enough, now :) )

And well now I know one of my new desk mates big professional gripes… incorrectly folding invoices:

She’s going to judge you and your whole company if it has that weird extra bit folded over the rest of it.

So remember when you send us stuff, and you want Amber to not be mad… tri-fold it like you mean it.

Does anybody else have a serious office procedural quirk? Or just how you think things should be done? Are we just crazy in this office?

The world may never know.


7 thoughts on “Amber Protocol: Tri-folds and Tribulations

  1. My workplace is equally crazy, Lauren.
    We have to use clear plastic bags to transport our belongings in and out of the hotel. I use a comforter bag in order to accommodate my books, uniforms and food. I look like I’ve just been released from the hospital.
    The working world rocks, right?

    1. Oh wow. Is that clear bag thing so you don’t leave with 200 lbs. of conditioner?
      I carry a totebag and a purse into my work. And usually my purse is another totebag.

      1. Well you could always sell it on the shampoos black market. To people who desperately love sample sized products. There has to be a market for that… and your hotel knows it :)

    1. You always know what to say…
      Also, bonus… I haven’t cried at work in months.
      However last week while out with friends I talked about work and burst into tears… when I was asked about work. How can you love what you do, but hate who you have to spend time with?!?!!

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