Happy Zelda-versary!

Today I am very excited to share the majesty and sheer joy that it is Zelda Fitzgerald’s birthday!If your counting she would be 113 years old today.

And with all the F. Scott Fitzgerald hubub that happened earlier this year I think Zelda is due some time to be adored…

Last year when I decided to take up things that excite me even though I was feeling old, I found Zelda. A free wheeling, funky socialite… who was more brilliant and scathingly delicious than our current vapid Kardashians socialites . I immersed myself in knowledge of this lady who is the same age as my Great Grandmother, but lived such a different life than someone who lived on a farm most of her days. The more I read, the more Zelda and I had in common, drinking a little too much, partying just a little too long, painting without being so serious, and being a flapper (haven’t I told you guys I’m a world famous flapper???) . I found myself completely stunned by a lady who at 27 decided to become a professional ballerina.

So I studied her, read her work, and can thusly say… Zelda Fitzgerald was amazing.

And she would like to be told that in all forms of art, and since I cannot write as well as others… I certainly can doodle:

Happy birthday Zelda Fitzgerald!

She was also known to have said the following:

“She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn’t boring.”

I use that saying a lot in my life… in my head… when I know I should be doing something better with my time.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having one of those days that they wish they could remember forever. While I try to figure out how to spend my time…


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