The Dr. Pepper High

Some people are wild about sports.

Some people are crazy about fancy eateries.

Some people covet commercial jingles.

I personally delight in the 23 boastful flavors of Dr. Pepper!

I could drink it all the time. I fear that someday I will be discovered passed out with a case around me and a smile on my face.

Combine Dr. Pepper with my back pain pills and I may even laugh at Ashton Kutcher… or more honestly I will just sing Huey Lewis songs.


5 thoughts on “The Dr. Pepper High

  1. I find diet Dr. P is just as delightful as Classic Coke ! And I’ve been addicted to Classic cola for a long time. May never pass out in the middle of an empty 24 pack, but there’s always diabetes to look forward to in my old age.

  2. Dr. Pepper is actually amazing. Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper? Changed my life. And when I was a kid I was always afraid of Dr. Pepper for some reason so I missed out on a lot of good years there…..

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