Birthday Season!

Where did February go?

I think I lost it somewhere between the extensive visits to FED EX Kinkos, the emergency room, trying to find my black eyeliner (which there seems to be a shortage of) and trying to figure out what projects that I’ve worked on in the last 10 years that best describes me.

And doing it all with a cat attached to me.


Well enough of that.

February has also been wonderful.

I must say that now that my family has expanded there are a lot of birthday’s in February… and I have not posted about them, because I literally just got out of line at Kinkos.

But today’s birthday is one I have to share… because it’s my sister’s birthday! (technically sister in-law, but she feels like a regular ole’ sister!)

And though she is states away I want her to know that she is the best…. that is why she gets a present and a doodle!

It’s Season’s day and she’s the best!

Happy Birthday Season! I hope that your day is lovely and that your birthday week with Tony home is wonderful.

Love, ♥, love to everyone,


The 28th

I turned 28 this weekend! And I dreamed it had many more elephants than it actually did!

I never really think the new year starts when January first comes around.

In fact I’m not really into New Years Resolutions in the typical sense.

I like to start them on my birthday because I feel that is the best time when I can set my goals and just see where I am the next year.

And then New Year’s is much less pressure… And it is just for wearing weird eyeglasses and drinking…. just like the Lord intended!

So let’s recap some of the things.

Things that I learned at 27:

That people from high school forget most things about you in 10 years and have created stories that are practically legends. Someone told me they remember me being banned from several Los Angeles hot spots and also having VIP parties at school. Which is totally untrue because I don’t believe in exclusivity– the parties were never exclusive.

Being really cheerful can get people to be really excited to see you. This weekend I went to a store I visit quite often and the workers sang me happy birthday.

Friends are really amazing. Thank your friends for being amazing if you read this. My friends were so sweet this weekend, but they are wonderful all the time so *hair flip* nothing is new about that.

For fabulous traveling hair wear a wig! I haven’t done it but it’s a great idea (thanks Cakes!):

Make sure the parking lot you park your car in is not locked at a certain time at night… and if so pray that the person you are with is a welder.

If something seems to good to be true… it probably is.

Only you can prevent forest fires make yourself happy. If you are depending on other people for this… you are going to have a bad time.

Ben Affleck may be an okay Batman, we should give him a chance.

Never write people notes on their car when you have drank too much.

Don’t waste your time with people who make you unhappy… instead spend time with the people who make you smile.

Always do your best even if you aren’t going to be noticed for it.

“Fenestration” means having windows… but it’s a horrid sounding word.

Bellydancing is probably the most fun I think I have had in a really long time, and it’s the best way to get rid of the stress of having to learn words like “fenestration.”

Also my coworkers think bellydancing is stripping… it is actually super not.

Things I will do next year:

I’m going to buy that ukulele in Hawaii this year, and by this time next year I will be serenading people with it!

I am going to take my Licensing tests…  I already have a date set. This time it’s happening

I’m going to learn how to do my hair… I mean having messy bed hair is in now, but eventually I’m not always going to be able to get away with my charming hippy look. And some events need more than 1940s hot roller hair.

I will just keep on keeping on being comfortable with myself. It’s really just an amazing thing to be comfy and not so serious to think you can’t make fun of yourself.


I will lessen my gossiping. I heard some people gossiping a few weeks ago like serious, and all I could think is “I’m too old for this.”

I’m also going to travel more next year… I haven’t been anywhere in so long I feel actual wanderlust. BTW that means you Washington State ;)

Cheers to 28 and the next 365 days!

And thanks to everyone who comes here to see the doodles, and read my weird words… You are truly:

Image courtesy of Tumblr!


Button Day

My birthday is on Saturday…. I’m still deciding what I want to do!

But the only thing I know I want to do is post this drawing I never posted last year about my birthday also being the national day of buttons….

Fun Fact: National Button Day is America’s 24th favorite holiday!

Which is an amazing story solely because I love buttons. I even have a glass jar full of them.

And I love even more that Professional Eric super despises buttons.

Also I am in a mad scramble to start work on the remaining goals I have for my 27th year:

♥ Make a store of my doodle stuff (I just started working on this yesterday)

 ♥Get and learn how to play a ukulele (Um I may need more than 4 days on this one, but I’m going to Hawaii in December)

♥ Pass my architectural exams (This definitely won’t happen in 4 days but I just bought some study material)

♥Get my masters… Well now I know where I want to go… now it’s just the working on getting there.

I still have time though!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Important News from Dad

This post needs very little words…

Except… “Thanks, Dad.”

He doesn’t remember most other things… except this and to tell me when Snoopy is on TV.

Tell everyone you love that it’s Weird Al’s birthday.


Happy Zelda-versary!

Today I am very excited to share the majesty and sheer joy that it is Zelda Fitzgerald’s birthday!If your counting she would be 113 years old today.

And with all the F. Scott Fitzgerald hubub that happened earlier this year I think Zelda is due some time to be adored…

Last year when I decided to take up things that excite me even though I was feeling old, I found Zelda. A free wheeling, funky socialite… who was more brilliant and scathingly delicious than our current vapid Kardashians socialites . I immersed myself in knowledge of this lady who is the same age as my Great Grandmother, but lived such a different life than someone who lived on a farm most of her days. The more I read, the more Zelda and I had in common, drinking a little too much, partying just a little too long, painting without being so serious, and being a flapper (haven’t I told you guys I’m a world famous flapper???) . I found myself completely stunned by a lady who at 27 decided to become a professional ballerina.

So I studied her, read her work, and can thusly say… Zelda Fitzgerald was amazing.

And she would like to be told that in all forms of art, and since I cannot write as well as others… I certainly can doodle:

Happy birthday Zelda Fitzgerald!

She was also known to have said the following:

“She refused to be bored chiefly because she wasn’t boring.”

I use that saying a lot in my life… in my head… when I know I should be doing something better with my time.

Anyways, I hope everyone is having one of those days that they wish they could remember forever. While I try to figure out how to spend my time…


Nancy’s Tang-a-langing Birthday

Okay I’m going to admit something. There is nothing more that I like than celebrating things that just exude happiness. And one of those things is Birthdays! No matter how old you are, it’s just a really good time to be appreciated by your loved ones. And I really like that I get a day to make my friends feel as special as they really are to me.

I am so sorry that this post is late. But, I finally got this drawing colored and I still want to make this post super special.

Nancy Tang is one of the coolest people that has ever been in my life. There is something really quite magical about her ability to try everything (and be quite good at it.) There is no sport, or game, or challenge that she hasn’t faced without giving her all. She also has this incredible energy around her that makes you feel like you can accomplish anything, if she believes you can. And I have benefited from that several times. Not limited to the most stressful game of charades that we played this weekend. A pep talk from Tang could get you to run for President… and depending on a few swing states… you could most possibly win.

The best thing about Nancy is that she is the kind of person who you can become inseparable with, and can talk about anything with… and at different times in our 7 year friendship we both definitely have. It’s like having your own personal cast of Golden Girls, but only like 1 other person.

Another lovely thing about being with Nancy is… there is always dessert. Whether it’s deliciously crafted cake… or even home made cupcakes… there is always a sweet time when you are with her. And this leads into the doodle…

Happy Birthday Nancy… have the best 31st year that you can possibly have!

Happy Birthday Nancy Tang! Thank you for being a friend!

Also this year we will master the red velvet cupcake! And we will go to at least 2 super fun concerts. I totally promise.


Happy Birthday Brother!

Today was a crazy kind of day, but there is always something that is very good.

And today’s very good is that it is my one and only BIG BROTHER’S BIRTHDAY!

He turns 40 today! And everything is turning up roses for him! He has a fancy new job, a beautiful and super fun wife… and two beautiful and rambunctious and adorable daughters. One who at the age of four is practically my grown up adult height.

So good job on being really tall too, Tony!

Anyways, I heard that they had a wonderful day full of good food, except for an intercepted cupcake. I hope you have a super fun weekend brother, and if you notice the drawing is of you at a California beach…. because I am so excited about your visit I’m already illustrating it!

Happy Internet Birthday! Can’t wait to see you up in this hood!


Happy Happy Birthday!


Oodles of Isabel on her 28th Birthday!

This is my second post of the day.

Can you believe the best day ever has 2 parts? And this post is dedicated to the one and only Isabel.

And of course there’s a story to go with her unbridled majesty. Isabel was the first friend I made in high school, she listened to cool music, was incredibly pale… and she drove to school in the most awesome station wagon this side of the rocky mountains. My story about her this year comes a few years after we met…When were seniors we had a class trip to Disneyland that lasted all night (A California tradition). Our parents both liked to terrify us, the way parents do… and told us not to fall asleep on the bus because we would certainly be molested. And being good Catholic girls we totally abided by our parents rules. We stayed up the WHOLE night, the entire bloody night. And we stayed up the whole bus ride back as everyone else slept, and out other friends boob popped out of her shirt. Thank goodness we were up because that sucker got covered up big time. Needless to say when we got back to my house we were delirious, and the worst part is that neither of us could sleep. So we decide to pass our still awake hours by watching “Center Stage” (which was lovingly borrowed from Christine.) We put the tape into my cool tv/vcr combo and let it play. And my mother assumed we would have fallen asleep in about half an hour once we were in my room watching this teen flick. Well, I can’t even tell you what that movie was about, I just know that we laughed the whole way through it like the delirious unmolested children we were. It was one of the most fun days ever recorded.

And I didn’t laugh that hard ever again until we watched the French Canadian version of “Bring It On” which was re-titled “Le Tout Por Let Tout”.

Happy Birthday Isabel you are really the best friend a girl could ask for and the best person to laugh through a movie with!

I am such a big fan of those awkward photos. And if anyone could take one, it could be Isabel.

And yes I still draw you in Weezer shirts after all these years… I would like to imagine you own like 40 of them. And you have them for all occasions. In fact I cannot wait for you to have your wedding day Weezer shirt… and since you don’t really have one, I will totally make it for you.

Happy Isabel & Christine’s birthday everyone!


An Ode to Christine on her 28th birthday

Today is actually one of my favorite days.

No, not because of Good Friday’s meatless promises.

But because it’s my bff’s for life’s birthdays! And as always I would like to share a little tale about one of the best people I know. I am a very lucky girl to have met Christine in the freshest moments of the new century. She had an impressive vocabulary for a teenager, and at the same time she had the most unintentional orange hair I have ever seen. In fact at the moment we started giggling I knew that I had met someone of significance. And 13 years later we are still gigglier than ever. Now we don’t pass notes in class, but we pass texts during work. And we still play the same word games that tickled our fancy in our teenage years. We may have jobs, family issues, and bills to pay. But when we are together we can be as silly and girly as our hearts desire.

Happy Birthday Christine! You are the best co-conspirator a girl could ask for.

FUN FACT: The 28th birthday is the pirate birthday!

Have the best year ever, Christine. And Happy Christine & Isabel’s birthday.