Pixie Stix Disaster 2011

Last week my neighbors had a party where they had a candy bar. Jellybeans, weird toffee, snickers, twix, and a whole tub of pixie stix. When I saw those sugary tubes of joy I knew I had to have one. One turned into 3, and that turned into 7 and I was just so happy that my taste buds still thought they were as rad as they did 15 years ago. (I feel very blessed.)

So I feel a little less this:

And a little more this:

Although, now I feel like I have a problem. I didn’t realize at the time is that this candy would turn me into a sugar addict. Like Charlie Sheen style, on top of the world, kind of sugar addict.

So I tried to stop, but at lunch I had a Dr. Pepper and I’m back to basically wanting to roll through pile sugar (while I threaten someone into a closet, who will shortly call the police on me).

Also the biggest conundrum of all.. how am I supposed to lose weight for my sister’s wedding if all I want is to eat all the sugar in the world?

And worse is she going to replace me with Ashton Kutcher if I can’t stop myself?!?!


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