Founding Awesome Dudes: An Ode to Alexander Hamilton

Today I’m going to share a little bit about American history. And by that I mean you will learn very little about American History if you continue reading.

It’s actually about one of my latest favorite things.

And much like me, they are a little on the peculiar side.  And they keep coming up in such strange ways.

One of them is Alexander Hamilton.

Alexander Hamilton… just chilling like he does on the $10 bill

Yeah, that guy from American money.

And no I’m not like that guy from the milk commercial, I’m not that super into Hamilton.

I mean seriously, there is something so serious about the straight up coolness of Alexander Hamilton. He was a major political figure who was born in the West Indies, and was sadly orphaned at 11. He grew up into a fancy gentleman that steamily created our National Bank system. And if you aren’t already sold on his hot face, and steamy bank system… He  also created his own political party… I mean we would never have had the Federalists. And aren’t they fantastic? He was also a political rival of Thomas-All-The-Ladies-Were-Hot-For-Him-Jefferson. He didn’t even give a crap when he was supposed to support another Federalist running for government positions, he wouldn’t support them if he thought they were the worst. And kind of because of this… he was shot in New York in a  fight, because he’s cool like that. And true story, he is the hottest guy on American money.


I mean with Ben Franklin and Andrew Jackson as your peers… Hamilton pretty much has this on lock.

My sister says she prefers Grant. But, come on look at Hamilton on that 10 note. He is just asking for you to pay someone a large amount of money in 10s so you can say you are paying them handsomely. Actually, this is a new goal of mine.

And now I know I’m right because there is others who agree with me.

Mindy Kaling, queen of all that she surveys-and-being-a-hot-mess, agrees with me:

See Mindy agrees!

So basically I feel vindicated as heck.

And here’s the doodle I have used to commemorate this entire event.

This is some of the things that Mindy and I have in common… we can talk about this for hours.

Did you learn anything?


Sorry, I’m not a real history teacher.

But now you know that Alexander Hamilton is amazing.

And now that you too are super into Hamilton you can get this commemorative bobble-head.

It’s a super great piece to add to any Alexander Hamilton collection. Available via Amazon, and places that sell exquisite things.


9 thoughts on “Founding Awesome Dudes: An Ode to Alexander Hamilton

    1. Heck yes. Well being handsome is not a requirement to be on money…. but Mr. Hamilton just takes the being hot and being on currency very seriously ;)

      Also, Hi Cakes! I have totally missed you!

  1. Well if Mindy Kaling agrees there is no disputing it! She is basically the greatest person ever. Excluding founding fathers of course. I have to say I’m a bit biased, I’ve always loved good old George Washington MAINLY because I was born on his birthday and when I was like 7 years old I thought that meant that I was DESTINED to be the first female president. haha

    1. Well… everything you just said does sound like a complete scientific fact. I’m sure you are well on your way to presidency! Actually, I would be thrilled to vote for you! And then I could announce that this blog was read by the president.
      Now I’m so thrilled!

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