Something to talk about

Sometimes I wonder about the things that wander through my brain. I mean don’t you ever wonder what your mind thinks about the most???

Is it friends? Family? Work? Spongebob Squarepants?

And then I realized I don’t need to record my words or discuss this with a professional. This blog is basically my brain, but illustrated.

So I went to wordle and made a word cluster. And because I’m a constant daydreamer I was not surprised with the results:

chicken, happiness, jewelry and cleanliness is basically all my mind thinks about…. and for some reason also Luxembourg.

The result clearly shows my mind is that of a Valley girl who thinks about chicken, the weekends and Luxembourg.

Now I’m practically convinced that I am what would happen if Morrissey and Cher from Clueless had a child.

What do you think about most?


18 thoughts on “Something to talk about

  1. Now I have to do a wordle. I’ve looked at my tag and category clouds before, but not in a long time. When I get my wordle done, I’ll be sure to tell you, because I know your mind won’t rest easy until I do! ;)

      1. Oh my gosh, Lauren, you are absolutely the best! I still don’t get why I have no success (except when I paste text into the box), but you made me a wonderful Wordle! I’m also a little confused about the “ve”. One of the Canvas authors made one for that site, and I have no idea what it is, but clearly it’s my fault!

        Thank you again, you really are such a lovely lady! I have to display it somewhere now. And I LOVE the colors and font you chose! ♥

      2. LOL, I may! Funny thing is, one of the Canvas bloggers made one from that site, and “ve” was the biggest “word” on it! I know I have the most posts on that site of any of the authors, but I certainly don’t have more than all of the rest combined! Thank you again, because it was so very sweet of you to do. :)

      1. It’s pretty damn important apparently! I did my blog and the results were “like really just and OCD” for my BIGGEST words. Someone has a really good vocabulary. <– This Kid.

  2. No chicken on my wordle (actually I just sat at a blank sheet with markers until it was kinda colorful and just full).

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