FAQ’s with Lauren

Do you ever get asked a question so many times you came with a personal FAQ. I wish I did then I wouldn’t have to answer the same questions over and over.

Especially the annoying ones.

So: FAQ’s about Lauren

Are you really that short?

  • Yes, I am 5′-0″ and I still choose to wear flats. Also I have to cut off like 8″ of pants when I buy a new pair.

Come on… is that a weave?

  • Sadly, no. My hair is real, and all mine.

Is your personality for real?

  • Yes, it is. Sometimes I know I’m a little perky for my own good. Conversely, I am also a troublemaker. Mischief and Shenanigans are truly synonymous with my existence.
Let’s be sneaky sneaks!

Does everyone know about that thing that happened to you at work?

  • Yes, I am that girl that really cruddy thing happened to. And now I like being walked to my car by not creepy people.

Do you just love “Family Guy”?

  • Sorry, I don’t watch Family Guy, I just don’t get the humor.

Are you really Jenna Rink?

  • I do like the movie “13 going on 30,” a little too much. And my new coworker sometimes thinks I live her life, but that is only on Tuesdays- Thursdays. But I do plan on being Flirty Thirty and Thriving in a few years.
Pretty much me all day…

Tell us about Enrique Iglesias!

  • Enrique Iglesias did squeeze my butt when I hugged him. He smelled good and is more handsome that pictures can show him. Also he has a firm grip.
I can touch your butt, and you won’t even complain. But don’t let creepy dudes do it…. okay,


Do you have a boyfriend?

  • I am single. If you would like to inquire more please see the attached doodle:
And then maybe they will just sulk away and leave me alone in my alone-ness.

But life is never that simple. Actually, I never thought until right now how hard it must be to be Jennifer Aniston. Imagine all the questions she has to answer about how single she is, and how no one likes her… and how Enrique Iglesias never grabbed her butt. I bet her hair dresser is all over her singleness, and so are the waitresses at the restaurants she goes to, her cousins, that really prying Aunt… just can’t get enough about it.

But then again she has all sorts of money and got to kiss Paul Rudd for money… so her life is actually really fantastic.

And, I would trade the entire Enrique Iglesias thing for some Paul Rudd time.

Yeppers… me just all over this. Our hair is just so wavy the possibilites are getting better. 


(images besides mine, courtesy of: Tumblr)

12 thoughts on “FAQ’s with Lauren

  1. Why do people do that? The shocked thing. I think it sounds worse in other languages like Italian “sei SOLA?!?!?!” I’m so jealous a cute celeb grabbed your butt. Jake from Melrose Place once held the elevator door open for me but it’s not the same, and I was so stupid I took the stairs.
    btw… being short is great because you have more choice – The only men shorter than you will be midgets. (Is that a bad word???) ;)

    1. I know! You should here my friends Asian mom’s they make it sound like it’s the worst thing that has ever happened “WHHHAAAA, NO WAY!” Then they tell everyone that you are so single and then grandma’s look at you sadly.
      And yes, the height thing is a real benefit in that regard.

    1. I love it! i love that the internet has let us find eachother… We should make a sitcom about nearly identical Lauren’s that find each other and their zany adventures. :)

      1. Oooh the taller Lauren. I imagine you shall be the more glamorous one now. You shall live the life of regular height people. You can even be a character at Disneyland with that kind of height!

    1. It’s probably a combination. I don’t know actually, I just draw how I feel at the moment and try to make the best of it after.

      And it’s okay to like Family Guy… I like Seth MacFarlane in other endeavors!

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